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ViewerVR User Manual: Contents

ViewerVR is a program that provides an immersive Virtual Reality environment that is designed to work on a laptop computer as well as with more elaborate machinery (like multi-wall stereo projection, head-tracking ...).

TetranoidSmall.jpg PortalSmall.jpg

In this manual we focus on the ViewerVR application that allows to explore 3D-scenes loaded from files (a variety of formats is supported). Compared to similar existing applications the main features are:

  • Orientation in space is greatly enhanced by supporting the natural sense for gravity, up-and-down, size and solidity.
  • Rendering quality is vastly improved by providing a reflection map that fits the chosen environment.
  • One can to jump onto and walk on objects.
  • Control panels (object specific or for general settings) can be popped up right within the 3D-scene.

The ViewerVR program is higly configurable and other applications using ViewerVR will provide their own scenery and specific ways to interact with the scene. Hence this manual might not be fully applicable to other applications, but some basic infomation provided here (like how to navigate the scene) will probably be useful in all cases.

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