How to set up VRPN

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On our C.A.V.E we have installed VRPN version 7.31:

VRPN Homepage

Please check on VRPN Homepage how to install it!

Start VRPN Server with its config file:

  sudo vrpn_server -f /PATH_TO_CONFIG_FILE(common: /usr/local/etc/ )/vrpn.cfg &

Test device output:

  vrpn_print_devices DTrack@n01

Connect with Java:

Go to VRPN home folder, java_vrpn subfolder and check out the README file and follow the instructions.

Edit the makefile (third step of the readme tutorial), uncomment the architecture of the machine you're building the system in, then adjust the java include paths.

Add the /libjava_vrpn.dll to the project CLASSPATH

Connect with jReality:

In Eclipse add the vrpn.jar file to jReality classpath. copy the native library /libjava_vrpn.dll to your jni folder: ECLIPSE_WORKSPACE/jReality/jni/YOUR_SYSTEM

Testing VRPN with jReality:

Start a test classes: