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Source file: TransformationListenerExample

JavaDoc: TransformationListener

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This example shows how to attach a TransformationListener to a Transformation in the scene graph. The actionPerformed() method of this listener is then invoked whenever the transformation changes.

The example consists of two cubes. A rotate tool is placed in the scene graph component of the first cube. A transformation listener is also attached to the transformation of this component.

  • Whenever the mouse is dragged over the left cube (child1), the rotate tool there writes a new transformation matrix in child1 and the listener is notified. This listener guarantees that the right cube's (child2's) transformation is the inverse of the left one ( child1), modulo a translation.
  • Whenever the mouse is dragged over the right cube, the default rotate tool, located higher up in the scene graph, is activated and the whole scene rotates.

  final Matrix translate = new Matrix(MatrixBuilder.euclidean().translate(3, 0, 0).getArray());
child1.getTransformation().addTransformationListener(new TransformationListener() {
	public void transformationMatrixChanged(TransformationEvent ev) {
		Matrix childMatrix = new Matrix(child1.getTransformation().getMatrix());

Here's how the example should look after you've rotated the left cube a little:

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