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ViewerVR User Manual: Contents


We describe here the situation where ViewerVR is controlled using keyboard and mouse.

The scene is displayed as seen through the eyes of a person (henceforth called the avatar) where the eyes are 1.7 meters above the ground. One can navigate the avatar using the WASD keys on the keyboard:

  • W: move forward
  • A: move left
  • S: move backward
  • D: move right

It is recommended to keep the left hand in a relaxed position and to use the middle finger for both W and S. Left-handed users can use the arrow keys as an alternative (so they have the left hand free for the mouse).


One can look around by pressing the right mouse button in the viewing window and moving the mouse. Note that vertical movement of the mouse only affects the avatar's head (whether she looks up or down) while horizontal movement of the mouse turns the whole avatar (affecting navigation with the WASD keys).


Press the space bar to jump (aquire a fixed upward speed). Gravity will then bring one down to earth soon, but note that jumping (as well as horizontal navigation) still works when one is in the air. Imagine using a kind of jet pack allowing you to fly.


At any time one can toggle gravity (as well as any collision detection) on or off by pressing the G key. This allows a more relaxed kind of fly mode where one does not have to constantly struggle against gravity: Jump to a certain height and press G. Then you will be able to move around at fixed height using the WASD keys. Then:

  • To lower your level, press G (which will make you start to fall) and press G again once you reached the desired height.

  • To move to a higher level, press G and immediately afterwards press the spacebar to jump. Keep jumping until you reached the desired height, then press G again.

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