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by kmacc
Fri 12. Jan 2018, 18:10
Forum: Bugs
Topic: Renderer driver name change error
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Renderer driver name change error

As of a recent update to mesa - or something like that - I can no longer run jReality on my linux PC. It has broken my project jOcular when running on linux. This bug is popping up all over the place on many projects that rely on jogl. See this bug:
by kmacc
Wed 23. Mar 2016, 17:00
Forum: Programming Help
Topic: IndexedFaceSet renders oddly
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IndexedFaceSet renders oddly

I'm using jReality in a project of mine and I'm having some trouble with an IndexedFaceSet. My intent in this instance is to make a single face and then thicken it. I find a strange issue when I make the face. I've attached a screenshot. That polygon face is only supposed to fill in the pink edges o...