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by gmseed
Sun 7. Aug 2011, 12:52
Forum: Programming Help
Topic: ViewerFromScratch and NetBeans forms
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ViewerFromScratch and NetBeans forms

Hi I can get the ViewerFromScratch tutorial working at: However, when using an IDE such as NetBeans ui forms are typically used. If I setup a basic JFrame form with the default FreeDesign ui layout selected and loo...
by gmseed
Fri 5. Aug 2011, 17:53
Forum: Bugs
Topic: Typo on "Save properties?" dialog
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Typo on "Save properties?" dialog


Upon selecting exit of the Viewer the £Save properties?" dialog pops up.

The checkbox text should read "Remember" and not "Rember".


by gmseed
Wed 3. Aug 2011, 20:25
Forum: Installation
Topic: jReality-3rd-party.jar ??
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jReality-3rd-party.jar ??

Hi On page: it states: "...Download jReality.jar, and jReality-3rd-party.jar ..." but from the download section I only see I can't see a jReality-3rd-party.jar in the extrac...