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Re: CAVE System troubles

Post by Andre » Tue 22. Jan 2013, 13:21

So, I worked a bit on the ToolSystem staff. As far as I understand it, a trackd-deamon is running sending transformations to the server. These transformations are transformed to java-code via the classes at src-portal ->de.jreality.toolsystem.raw.*** In these classes you can find what you need for your magnetic-device.

The configuration for our Trackd-devices can be found here: src-tool -> de.jreality.toolsystem.config.chunks.***-portal-***.xml

When you start your application you have to set the config as vm-option.

-Dde.jreality.scene.tool.Config=portal (@masterserver, Synchronized SceneGraph)
-Dde.jreality.scene.tool.Config=portal-remote (@clients, Synchronized Toolsystem)

I'll try to expand our tutorial with that during the next days.

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