Any existing Kinect plugin?

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Any existing Kinect plugin?

Post by bernold » Fri 3. May 2013, 14:49


is there any Kinect control plugin for jReality available? Anyone done this effort?


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Re: Any existing Kinect plugin?

Post by benjamin.kutschan » Fri 10. May 2013, 13:37

I haven't heard of anyone, who has done it. It shouldn't be hard though. I just haven't had the time to tackle it. Have a look at how the toolsystem works. It would be great to see how you write a Kinect-"backend" for the toolsystem. Other things we would like to have some time is a backend for the razor hydra and the oculus rift.

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Re: Any existing Kinect plugin?

Post by Andre » Wed 22. May 2013, 11:08

You can find an xml-file at least for the nintendo wii at:


Johnny Chung Lee was responsible for booth Wiimote and kinect. Maybe the tools can be adapted similar.

I've never used the wiimote for jreality, but Steffen did, hopefully he finds some time to help you.


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