Will jReality be able to load Collada DAE files ?

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Will jReality be able to load Collada DAE files ?

Post by Anar » Sun 15. Sep 2013, 10:02

Hi there !
Reading more about jReality I found a todo list where import of Collada files is listed.
Any idea if it will be done ?
I completely understand it's probably not a high priority but...

I found jReality to be the best (and only) app to export Universal 3D (.u3d) with a complete intact hierarchy when making a 3D PDF out of it. I've tried soooooo many solutions I can't even remember all of them !
In one of my last post (my very first post here) Andre helped a lot at explaining how to group some geometry.
But honestly this is too high programming level for me. I'm just a 3D designer...

I'm gonna describe in a few words what I can do and what I can't ATM :
I make my 3D designs using SketchUp and export in Collada .dae because I only have the free version of SketchUp.
The .dae file contains all the hierarchy (groups) the way I planned them in SU.
I then use DAZ Studio to convert from .dae to .u3d and LaTeX to make my 3D PDF out of it.
This pipeline works well except for the hierarchy that is lost during the DAZ conversion.
I personnaly don't like this DAZ Studio app but it's the only way I found to convert from .dae to .u3d while keeping my meshes names intact (other apps like Meshlab don't).
Now I'm looking forward to try to keep my hierarchy and that's where jReality seems promising.
But honestly I'm just unable to use Andre's code on my own imported 3D to jReality (either via .3ds or .obj).

And that's why it would be awesome for me to be able to import my .dae with its hierarchy from SU into jReality right away !

I've been spending more than a week in search for my solution now and I'm about to give up while I feel so close to succeed...

Thanks for reading !

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Re: Will jReality be able to load Collada DAE files ?

Post by sechel » Wed 2. Oct 2013, 18:21

Thank you for the flowers :-) I will think about it.

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