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U3D mesh + point cloud

Post by Apoplexi » Tue 28. Jan 2014, 13:47


I am working with the U3D file format for visualizing medical data. I do not use jReality but a self-developed C++ software, but I hope someone can help me, though.

My problem is that I cannot put meshes and point clouds together in one U3D file - and I have no idea what the problem is.

If I add only a mesh - everything is fine. If I add only a point cloud - everything is fine. But if I add a mesh and a point cloud - only the point cloud is rendered when I put the U3D file into a PDF (using Acrobat XI).

I have tried to reverse engineer some U3D examples to pinpoint the error, but without success so far - probably because the examples are not the same as in my use case.

Maybe someone can send me a simple example U3D file (created with jReality) that contains a mesh model (can be a simple cube) and a point cloud model (can be only a dozen of points)? The mesh shall be defined using a Base Mesh Continuation Block, but I think jReality always uses this continuation block type... (The other examples I used to reverse engineer were defined using Progressive Mesh Continuation blocks, but I cannot use these.)

Thanks in advance and kind regards

Axel Newe
FAU Erlangen Nürnberg

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Re: U3D mesh + point cloud

Post by sechel » Tue 4. Feb 2014, 16:07

Hi Axel,
I have created the requested files. It seems to work well.
Best regards
u3d and pdf file with a point cloud as well as mesh information
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