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Git projects & maven integration

Posted: Mon 8. Feb 2016, 16:00
by bernold
Hello jReality team,

I created a Eclipse / Maven port of the build based on your jReality Gitlab project. It repackages jreality into 3 Eclipse OSGI compliant plugins (core, io,and plugin) and features which are deployed to an potential update site.

You recently restructured your dependencies ... so I had to do it, too. After reporting a bug, it has been fixed within another git repository (, which is not restructured. So, do you plan to merge theses different repositories? When?

Another problem just appears within the last builds:

Code: Select all

[ERROR] C:\Users\Workspace\git\jreality\src-jogl3\de\jreality\jogl3\helper\[22,31] error: package de.jreality.plugin.basic does not exist
[ERROR] C:\Users\Workspace\git\jreality\src-jogl3\de\jreality\jogl3\helper\[61,8] error: cannot find symbol
[ERROR] symbol:   class View
[ERROR] location: class PostProcessingHelper
It just tells there's a dependency from core (src-jogl3) to the UI system (ui and plugin). How did you set up your modularization? This seem to be a cycle, isn't it?



Re: Git projects & maven integration

Posted: Tue 8. Mar 2016, 18:00
by Andre
thx, I'll have a look into it.