Embedded swing widgets (FakeToolkit) for java 6

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Embedded swing widgets (FakeToolkit) for java 6

Post by steffen » Wed 21. Mar 2007, 11:07

I finally fixed the errors when using embedded swing widgets in java 6. The ugly thing is that both java.awt.Toolkit and java.awt.peer.FramePeer in java 6 reference classes that are new in java 6, like java.awt.Desktop etc. Therefore it is not possible to maintain one version that works for both jdks. Depending on the used jdk there are always 2 classes in src-swing that will not compile: de.jreality.swing.FakeToolKit5/6 and de.jreality.swing.FakeFramePeer5/6. The ...6 versions reference classes that are unknown in java 5, and the ...5 versions do not implement all abstract methods. The FakeToolKit class determines which implementation it should use so except the error marker there should be no problems when using them in eclipse. For a release build, we possibly have to compile with java 5 excluding the ...6 classes and compile these two classes with java 6 and then put all together into the jar file... any better suggestions?

Please check both versions on different platforms (esp. MacosX and Windows).


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