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Post by paul peters » Fri 7. Mar 2008, 12:40

By default there are 3 lights in a ViewerVR scene. You can access properties of these lights through the jReality Navigator (Ctrl+Shift+N or View->Show Navigator). In the navigator lights are marked by a light blue circled "L".

The camera light is in root->avatar->camNode->camera light. This light sits by default over the head of the avatar. Its position and direction changes with the that of the avatar. The sun light is in root->sgc?->sun->sun light. The sky light is in root->sgc?->sgc?->sky light.

You can translate and rotate the lights through the transformation (marked by a red circled "T") that sit in the same scene component (marked by a green circled "S") as the light.

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lights transformation

Post by steffen » Sun 16. Mar 2008, 15:26

The transformation of each light is the product of all the transformations of the SceneGraphComponents along the path from the root node to lights component. If you change any transformation along the path the lights position/orientation will change.

The light direction is always along the -Z axis, which is also the camera direction.

For a directional light the position has no effect.

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