snap to grid, AxisTranslationTool

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snap to grid, AxisTranslationTool

Post by pederico » Sat 5. Apr 2014, 15:53


I have another question/request. Can somebody help me build a small example on how to use the AxisTranslationTool? I have looked inside the ContentTool class to see how to use it, but until now, I can not say that I was succesful. I need to be able to move objects only on integer 3d coordinates. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: snap to grid, AxisTranslationTool

Post by Andre » Wed 23. Apr 2014, 11:12

Do you want to translate to your own grid or to jReality default?

If you want to translate to jReality-default-axis (x/y/z direction) simply apply this Translation

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MatrixBuilder.euclidean().translate(dx, dy, dz).assignTo(YOUR_SCENEGRAPHCOMPONENT);
dx, dy, dz is the change in each direction you want do. You can simply attach this to your tool.

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