Remove hidden geometry

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Remove hidden geometry

Post by Joe » Thu 15. Oct 2015, 11:39

is there a built in possibility to remove all points, lines and faces, which cannot been seen from outside? I am searching a way to reduce a geometry to its surface.
If there's no built in possibility, has somebody ideas or examples how to do it? A first step could be to remove all SceneGraphComponents which are covered by other SceneGraphComponents.

Thanks and best regards, Joe

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Re: Remove hidden geometry

Post by gunn » Mon 28. Dec 2015, 12:05

This sounds like a difficult problem in geometry processing. I'm not aware of any general purpose algorithm to achieve this goal, short of rendering the scene. If you can identify a convex, closed surface in the scene, then it's relatively easy to identify vertices that lie within this surface, and reject them; but otherwise I wouldn't know where to start.
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