What jars are needed for jogl?

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What jars are needed for jogl?

Post by javaman » Mon 21. Sep 2009, 20:47

Hi everyone,
I am trying to use jReality from the ground up:ie I don't want to use the built-in ViewerApp class. I don't need all that the ViewerApp provides.

So, I am trying to use the de.jreality.jogl.Viewer class to use JOGL in jReality. I have messed around trying out different things, but I keep getting various exceptions. I was wondering if somewhere there is a tutorial on how to use JOGL in jReality.
I am new to jReality and JOGL, so I may ask some strange questions. I'm not trying to be lazy, I just don't know much yet about jReality or JOGL.

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Re: What jars are needed for jogl?

Post by gunn » Mon 5. Oct 2009, 19:42

One place to look on getting started with jReality development is in the jReality Wiki

In particular there is an introduction to using jReality in Eclipse, which is the development environment most if not all of the core jReality developers are using. One section specifically shows how to get JOGL to work with jReality.
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