jReality-3rd-party.jar ??

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jReality-3rd-party.jar ??

Post by gmseed » Wed 3. Aug 2011, 20:25


On page:

http://www3.math.tu-berlin.de/jreality/ ... e-tutorial

it states:

"...Download jReality.jar, jReality-tutorial.zip and jReality-3rd-party.jar ..."

but from the download section I only see jReality-3rd-party.zip.

I can't see a jReality-3rd-party.jar in the extracted zip file and was wondering if I'm missing something or the only file is the .zip file.

I'm using NetBeans7 and if the 3rd party files is the .zip file then I take I build a "jReality-3rd-party" library in the libraries manager containing all files shipped in the .zip file and add this to my project?



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Re: jReality-3rd-party.jar ??

Post by Andre » Wed 3. Aug 2011, 20:51

Thx for the info, this is a typo. The tutorial means the .zip files. If you extract the jReality-3rd-party.zip you find a "lib"-folder and in the "lib"-folder you'll find all the 3rd-party.jars. I'll overwork the building from command-line tutorial as soon as possible, it is a bit dusty...

best regards

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