Tutorial intro not working.

Problems with Java, jogl, etc?
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Tutorial intro not working.

Post by lcollard » Thu 3. Oct 2013, 15:47

So I follow the tututorial here http://www3.math.tu-berlin.de/jreality/ ... p_tutorial up to the testing jogl section then unfortunatly when I try to run I get the following error.
OGL3Viewer constuctor called
Native[GL4bc false, GL4 false, GLES3 false, GL3bc true [3.1 (Compat profile, arb, FBO, hardware)], GL3 true [3.1 (Core profile, arb, FBO, hardware)], GL2 true [3.1 (Compat profile, arb, FBO, hardware)], GLES2 false, GLES1 false, GL4ES3 false, GL2ES2 true, GL2ES1 true], Profiles[GLProfile[GL2ES2/GL3.hw], GLProfile[GL2ES1/GL3bc.hw], GLProfile[GL2/GL2.hw], GLProfile[GL3/GL3.hw], GLProfile[GL3bc/GL3bc.hw], GLProfile[GL2GL3/GL3bc.hw], GLProfile[GL3bc/GL3bc.hw], , default GLProfile[GL3bc/GL3bc.hw]]
I am on a university computer so I have latest java software etc so I am kind of stuck.

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Re: Tutorial intro not working.

Post by Andre » Sun 6. Oct 2013, 10:10

Thx for reporting it. I`ll check your bug as soon as I have a stable internet connection. But as far as I can tell right now is just an issue of jogl version conflict. The screenshot is not up to date and there should be two jogl versions viewer an "older" jogl versionw probably just called
- de.jreality.jogl.Viewer
and a newer one
- de.jreality.jogl3.Viewer

I cant check the spelling right now. Can you please try the older version and report if it is also broken?

the switch viewer menu should look like this:
[0] jogl older version
[1] softwareviewer
[2] jogl3 new viewer version just supported for newer pc (~2 years old [Edit(benjamin): openGL 3.3 support, i.e. at least GeForce 8000 Series])

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