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CoordinateSystemFactory freezes

Posted: Thu 23. Feb 2012, 09:06
by karunaMaitri
I have wide ranging data. For example, each coordinate can have values anywhere from 1.0 to 30,000.00. I created a SceneGraphComponent from this data, and then created an object of CoordinateSystemFactory, the object froze.

I traced the problem to a method getBoxTicks() in CoordinateSystemFactory. It uses axisScale field with value 1.0 to create ticks at spacing of 1.0. Thus it is creating 30,000 ticks for each axis in my data. I set various values to axisScale, including a value of 1000.00. The performance has no effect.

Can you fix the problem so that instantiation of CoordinateSystemFactory does not get stuck.


Re: CoordinateSystemFactory freezes

Posted: Fri 24. Feb 2012, 02:55
by karunaMaitri
I solved the problem. There are couple of places you can set values to axisScale: while creating CoordinateSystemFactory, and by using the setAxisScale() method. They were in conflict, in my program. When I corrected it (and I chose a very large value for axisScale), jReality set up the coordinate system with all the points displayed.