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Posted: Tue 25. Sep 2012, 12:55
by gunn
I've run into the stack overflow error associated to the class de.jreality.scene.event.SceneGraphComponentEventMulticaster again. I'm adding several thousand scene graph component children to one parent, and this generates the exception. At one point there was a question whether the stack overflow was a JOGL-backend specific issue, the stack trace below indicates that it's a vanilla jReality problem.

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Thread [main] (Suspended (exception StackOverflowError))	
	SceneGraphComponent(SceneGraphNode).finishWriter() line: 146	
	SceneGraphComponent.addChild(SceneGraphComponent) line: 144	
	DiscreteGroupSceneGraphRepresentation.update() line: 183	
	TessellatedContent.setGroup(DiscreteGroup, boolean) line: 347	
	SimpleManiview.doIt() line: 205	
	SimpleManiview.main(String[]) line: 217	
IThe stack overflow also generates an overflow in my my Eclipse console window, repeating the following line:

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at de.jreality.scene.event.SceneGraphComponentEventMulticaster.childAdded(
It seems like the solution is simply to use a genuine collection class to accumulate the children.