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JRViewer frozen

Posted: Thu 24. Jan 2013, 13:57
by Highchiller
Hey guys, i've got a big problem.

If I compile my program the JRViewer start but what I see is only a blank window of JRViewer. I attached an example for this bug.

And here a screenshot of console output:

The problem is, sometimes it worked, sometimes not. I dont know why or where is the problem.
I've noticed if my computer are in powermode (full gpu capacity utilisation) there are more complication to start JRViewer. (Cause i think, JRViwer got more devices of gpu rendering options)

My system is windows 7 my graphic card is a nvidia geforce gt 330M

PS: Sorry for my broken english :(

Re: JRViewer frozen

Posted: Thu 24. Jan 2013, 19:33
by Highchiller
I've just fixed that problem by myself.
In the class de.jreality.plugin.basic.View I used the 3rd line (line 85).

Code: Select all

//String viewerString = Secure.getProperty(SystemProperties.VIEWER, SystemProperties.VIEWER_DEFAULT_JOGL+" "+SystemProperties.VIEWER_DEFAULT_SOFT);

//String viewerString = Secure.getProperty(SystemProperties.VIEWER, SystemProperties.VIEWER_DEFAULT_JOGL+" "+SystemProperties.VIEWER_DEFAULT_SOFT+" "+SystemProperties.VIEWER_DEFAULT_JOGL3+" "+SystemProperties.VIEWER_JOGL_DOME);

String viewerString = Secure.getProperty(SystemProperties.VIEWER, SystemProperties.VIEWER_DEFAULT_SOFT+" "+SystemProperties.VIEWER_JOGL3_DOME+" "+SystemProperties.VIEWER_DEFAULT_JOGL3); 

//String viewerString = Secure.getProperty(SystemProperties.VIEWER, SystemProperties.VIEWER_JOGL_DOME+" "+SystemProperties.VIEWER_DEFAULT_SOFT); 

//String viewerString = Secure.getProperty(SystemProperties.VIEWER, SystemProperties.VIEWER_DEFAULT_SOFT);
Strange :?:

Re: JRViewer frozen

Posted: Thu 24. Jan 2013, 19:44
by Andre
Hi Highchiller,

this was a common bug in the januaryrelease, I compiled the code once more a couple of days later and forgot to announce it. We should find an other workaround for switching between the backends anyway...

Sorry for the inconvenience