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Posted: Mon 7. Apr 2014, 15:53
by pederico
I had problems exporting to SVG and PS: NullPointerException.
The problem was RenderingVisitor:616 and I had to change to:
if (pointShader != null && n >0) {

Re: RenderingVisitor

Posted: Wed 23. Apr 2014, 11:05
by Andre
Sorry I can't rebuild your problem. Export to svg and ps works fine for me.

btw the RenderingVisitor is just used for SoftwareRendering. Which Rendering Backend do you use? Even when I export while using the SoftwareRendering-Backend the Error isn't occuring.

Re: RenderingVisitor

Posted: Wed 23. Apr 2014, 11:18
by pederico
As far as I can see from the console output I think it is jogl. I am not specifying any renderer, so just using the default that jreality is instantiating. I have opengl hardware support on the machines I tested. Aside from that, I was almost sure that for the svg and ps output only the software renderer is available (am I wrong?). I can try to write a small example to generate the example.

Re: RenderingVisitor

Posted: Wed 23. Apr 2014, 11:56
by Andre
In this article somewhere at the middle is a point with how to check jogl: ... p_tutorial

And yes you are right the RenderingVisitor is used while exporting too, sorry my fault.

I also could reproduce your error. It just happens for an empty scene, as long as no geometry has been created.

I've updated my code so it will be in the next release.

Thx for reporting that bug.