rotary slider for parameters

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rotary slider for parameters

Post by aperotte » Fri 10. Apr 2009, 15:16

Hello All,

Great work with jReality! It is absolutely amazing. I'm excited to learn and use it.

There is a feature in another library called AntTweakBar that I always thought was very innovative and practical. It is called RotoSlider in their library and essentially it is exactly what it sounds like a slider for parameters that you modify by moving in a circle instead of left to right. A picture is worth a thousand words. Have a look at the video on their website for a demo:


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Post by gunn » Mon 20. Apr 2009, 12:10

Thanks for the idea (and the supportive words). It certainly would be nice to have such a widget as AntTweakTool in the jReality Navigator, IMHO. But since it's a C++ object, it would take some work and more importantly some time to make that work. We have internally a similar widget a so-called thumb wheel that allows unbounded rotation, similar to the tool you have suggested. One could probably use that widget instead of what's currently used, when constructing the inspector panels in the navigator.
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