More general texture formats

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More general texture formats

Post by STRESS » Tue 5. May 2009, 15:26

Before I start hacking away by myself. I wonder if there are any plans to support more general texture formats. At the moment as far as I can see only 8bit RGBA textures are supported (at least in the JOGL backend) or am I wrong on this? I am interested at 16/32bit (HDR) float or even Integer textures (RGBA) and as well single component textures like Intensity, Alpha or Luminance or whatever they are called in GL.

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Post by gunn » Tue 5. May 2009, 17:15

There are no plans but it's certainly would be a good feature to have. If you want to start working on this, I think the classes that have to be changed are ImageData (which is the basic class used to represent the image and is, as you correctly state, currently fixed to be 8-bit per channel RGBA) and, for the JOGL backend, Texture2DLoaderJOGL. I looked into the source for the JOGL Texture (or perhaps TextureData) class and found that it supports a variety of OpenGL image formats ... I just never found time to integrate them into jReality. One might also consider how to use the JOGL Texture (TextureData?) class directly in jReality.
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