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JT Reader is requested

Posted: Sun 8. Nov 2015, 15:12
by fatbird
Hi IT expert,

I want to load JT file and export 3D PDF file. Since JReality doesn't support any JT format, I have tried this library ...

public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
// register the reader class for the JT-format
Readers.registerReader("JT", JTReader.class);
// register the file ending .jt for files containing JT-format data
Readers.registerFileEndings("JT", "jt");

String inputFile = "C:\\TCBackup\\Test_Data\\JT\\others\\bnc.jt";
String outputFile = inputFile + ".pdf";
URL fileUrl = new File(inputFile).toURI().toURL();
SceneGraphComponent content = File(inputFile));
(new WriterPDF()).writeScene(new JrScene(content), new FileOutputStream(outputFile));

This program is working only for some JT format and there are many bugs, it seems like the library is stopped to be developed in 2012.
My request is, can JReality provide a stable JT Reader?

Thank you very much!

Re: JT Reader is requested

Posted: Wed 25. Nov 2015, 12:54
by Andre
There are now plans yet, but I see, that catia and siemensnx CAD-Software are using this Geometry-format. If I find time for it I start working on it. Can you provide any geometry-examples (jt-files) which I can test.


Re: JT Reader is requested

Posted: Mon 14. Dec 2015, 11:06
by fatbird
Hi Andre,
sorry for the late reply, because I didn't get any notification that my post is answered. You are right, JT is a neutral 3D format for industry and it is very popular nowadays. So many companies are using it.

The JT files can be viewed in JT2GO software: ... ion/jt2go/

JT files can be downloaded here ... case.shtml

Re: JT Reader is requested

Posted: Fri 22. Jan 2016, 01:37
by fatbird
last time I have uploaded JT file, do you have any further steps? Thanks

Re: JT Reader is requested

Posted: Tue 8. Mar 2016, 18:07
by Andre
I hope I will find some time next week for implementing a jt-reader.