jogl-2 support

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jogl-2 support

Post by NormanGraf » Wed 15. Sep 2010, 20:42

As far as I can tell, jReality is built against jogl-1, which seems no longer to be supported.

I recently tried to enable OpenGL rendering for the examples following the very nice tutorial at ... _rendering.
The instructions were to download jogl from . This URL now redirects to , where, only after some searching, builds are available for jogl. However, I was unable to locate distributions of the type jogl-1.1.1-*.zip, mentioned in the tutorial. Instead, I downloaded and installed jogl-2.0-*.zip, thinking that the documentation was just out-of-date. This, however, does not work, since the API has changed. I was able to locate a jogl-1.1.1 build for my system, and having installed it, was able to run the example with OpenGL rendering.

In the short term, it would be useful if the tutorial were updated to provide a link to archival releases of jogl-1.1.1 and to point out explicity that jogl-2 downloads available from will not work.

In the longer term, are there plans to provide support for jogl-2?

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Re: jogl-2 support

Post by Andre » Mon 20. Sep 2010, 16:17

Yes we have started a discussion about upgrading to jogl2

please follow these topic:
Caveproblems -> Upgrading to jogl2 (page2)

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