Condel's Sample Visualizations

Adam, our DVE (distributed virtual environment) testbed, simulates a number of hosts playing a networked game under various network conditions and with various consistency implementations.
The following are visualizations of some of the experiments we ran.

Comparison Between Consistency Algorithms
The Problem with Loose Consistency
Very Slow Networks

The rules of the Swarm game

The game simulated here is the Swarm. The Swarm models a non-cooperative game for N players, each controlling a bee (the colored balls in the animation) and trying to stay as close to the queen-bee (the colored ball designated as q)as possible. At regular intervals, honey is awarded to each bee depending on their distance to the queen, with higher distance getting less of a reward. Honey gathered is the score and it is shown at the bottom for each bee. When a bee collides with another or with the queen, the bee is penalized by being considered dead for a few seconds. While dead, a bee receives no honey and cannot control its flight. Being dead is visualized by drawing a circle around the bee (similar to a halo).