Thematic Einstein Semester on

Geometric and Topological Structure of Materials

Summer Semester 2021


Myfanwy Evans (U Potsdam)
Kathryn Hess Bellwald (EPFL)
Frank H. Lutz (TU Berlin)
Dmitriy Morozov (LBNL)
Ileana Streinu (Smith College)


This Thematic Einstein Semester, devoted to recent developments in the field of computational materials science, brings together experts from the sciences with experts from computational topology, computational algebraic, discrete differential and stochastic geometry working on the structure and function of materials.

Physical properties of materials are governed to a large extent by their microstructure, on which various geometric and topological analyses can be performed to identify essential structural properties. This leads to improvements in production processes or to new designs of materials with controlled properties:

The semester is organized within the framework of the Berlin Mathematics Research Center MATH+ and supported by the Einstein Foundation Berlin.

Opening Event

April 13, 2021, Time Zone: Berlin Time (Central European Summer Time, CEST)

April 14, 2021, Time Zone: Berlin Time (Central European Summer Time, CEST)

Thematic Days

April 22, 2021, Thematic Day 1, Applied Facets of Geometry and Topology

May 6, 2021, Thematic Day 2, Cellular Materials

May 20, 2021, Thematic Day 3, Stochastic Geometry and Materials

May 26, 2021, Thematic Day 4, Topological Data Analysis

Semester courses for local students

Discrete and Computational Topology,   Frank H. Lutz   (TU Berlin)
Discrete Geometrie II,   Matthias Beck   (FU Berlin)
Discrete Geometry III,   Michael Joswig   (TU Berlin)
Geometry, Topology and Applications,   Myfanwy Evans   (U Potsdam)
Mathematical Visualization: The Symmetries of Things,   John M. Sullivan   (TU Berlin)




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