ERC research project "Modeling, Simulation and Control of Multi-Physics Systems"

Project description

The project aims at developing and analyzing a fundamentally new interdisciplinary approach for the modeling, simulation, control and optimization of multi-physics and multi-scale dynamical systems.

The innovative feature is to generate models via a network of modularized uni-physics components, where each component incorporates a mathematical model for the dynamical behavior as well as a model for the uncertainties, arising, e.g., by modeling, discretization or finite precision computation errors.

Based on this new modeling concept also new numerical simulation,control, and optimization techniques will be developed and incorporated, that allow a systematic adaptive error control - including the appropriate treatment of different scales, and the uncertainties - for the components as well as for the whole multi-physics model.

The new remodeled systems will be designed such that they allow an efficient and accurate dynamical simulation with high order numerical integration techniques as well as the application of efficient methods for model reduction and open and closed loop control.

In order to cope with the differential-algebraic and multi-scale character of the systems we plan to develop and analyze remodeling techniques for the components as well as for the whole network including the uncertainties as well as special structures of the system.

In an interdisciplinary corporation with colleagues from engineering and computer science we plan to extend the modeling language Modelica to incorporate the new features - in particular the uncertainties and modeling errors - and to implement the complete approach as a new software platform.

Impressum Andreas Steinbrecher 29.04.2013