Challenge Workshop MSO-Tools 2012
"Modeling, Simulation and Optimisation Tools"
24.-26. Sep. 2012, TU Berlin, Berlin, Germany

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Title of Talk 
Achterberg, Tobias IBM  Germany  CPLEX - A Solver for Integer Programming
Altmann, Robert TU Berlin  Germany 
Altmeyer, Randolf TU Berlin  Germany 
Arnold, Martin Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg  Germany  Numerical challenges in the dynamical simulation of mechanical and mechatronic systems
Badinski, Alexander BASF SE  Germany 
Baum, Ann-Kristin TU Berlin  Germany 
Blochwitz, Torsten ITI GmbH Dresden  Germany  Openness and Connectivity a Challenge for System Simulation Tools – The Functional Mockup Interface
Brüls, Olivier University of Liege  Belgium  Toward Optimization of Flexible Multibody Systems: How to Open the Simulation Black Box?
Conrad, Tim Institut fuer Mathematik, Freie Universitaet Berlin & MATHEON  Deutschland 
Dreyer, Alexander Fraunhofer ITWM  Germany  Fast Model-order Reduction for Mechatronic Systems
Engel, Ole XRG Simulation GmbH  Germany  Modeling and Parameter Optimization of a Thermal Model for an Automotive Cabin
Gilg, Albert Siemens AG, CT RTC AUC SIM-DE  DE 
Günther, Michael Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Grund, Thomas IAV GmbH  Deutschland 
Ha, Phi TU Berlin  Germany 
Hegmann, Michael IAV GmbH  Germany 
Hoffmann, Rico Uni Leipzig  Germany 
Horváth, Zoltán Széchenyi István University  Hungary  Shape optimization and fluid-structure interaction with automated process integration
Jachalski, Sebastian WIAS Berlin  Germany 
Jansen, Lennart Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin  Germany  Semi-explicit methods for coupled circuit/field problems
Åkesson, Johan Modelon AB/Lund University  Sweden  Vertical Integration in Tool Chains for Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Large-Scale Systems
Klingebiel, Martin TU Berlin  Germany 
Kostic, Vladimir University of Novi Sad  Serbia 
Körkel, Stefan Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg  Deutschland  VPLAN - A Tool for Optimization Based Modeling
Kuppe, Christian Fraunhofer SCAI  GERMANY 
Linke, Alexander Free University of Berlin  Germany  Why multi-physics flow problems are different - challenges in the simulation of electro-dialysis
Mckenzie, Ross Cardiff University  England 
Mehlhase, Alexandra TU Berlin  Germany  Challenges in modeling an automatic gear box in Modelica
Mehrmann, Volker TU Berlin / MATHEON  Germany  Integrated Modeling, Simulation and Control of Dynamical Systems
Mielke, Alexander Weierstrass Institute for Applied
Analysis and Stochastics
 Germany  Multidimensional modeling and simulation of optoelectronic devices
Mosterman, Pieter MathWorks  USA  Modeling Approximation of Computational Semantics for Cyber-Physical System Design
Nedialkov, Ned McMaster University, Canada  Canada 
Niroomand Rad, Helia TU Berlin  Germany 
Pryce, John Cardiff University  United Kingdom  Progress on the DAESA tool for structural analysis of DAEs
Reitebuch, Daniel IAV GmbH  Germany 
Richard, Thomas Maplesoft Europe GmbH  Germany  Symbolic Techniques for Optimizing Multibody Models
Schäfer, Michael TU Darmstadt  Gremany  Numerical Simulation of Fluid-Structure-Acoustics Interaction
Scholz, Lena TU Berlin  Germany  A structural-algebraic approach for coupled DAE systems
Schöps, Sebastian TU Darmstadt,
Graduate School CE
 Germanny  Coupled Problems in Computational Electromagnetics
Schweizer, Bernhard University of Kassel  Germany 
Steinbrecher, Andreas TU Berlin  Germany 
Tischendorf, Caren Humboldt University of Berlin  Germany  Modeling Issues for Robust Multiphysical Numerical Simulation of Flow Networks
Walter, Sebastian Heidelberg University, IWR  Germany  On evaluating the gradient of the optimum experimental design objective function
Wolf, Klaus Fraunhofer Institute SCAI  Germany  Multidisciplinary and Multiscale Co-Simulation - Already widely used but still a Challenge
Zander, Justyna Simulated Way, CEO  USA 
Zimmer, Christoph TU Berlin  Germany 

Impressum Andreas Steinbrecher 26.09.2012