Workshop MSO-Tools 2014
"Modeling, Simulation and Optimisation Tools"
29.-30. Sep. 2014, TU Berlin, Berlin, Germany

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Title of Talk 
Altmann, Robert TU Berlin  Germany 
Arnold, Martin Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg  Germany  Structure preserving integrators and technical simulation
Bankmann, Daniel TU Berlin
Andreas Steinbrecher
Baumann, Wolf IAV GmbH  Germany 
Baum, Ann-Kristin TU Berlin  Germany 
Besrat, Robel Department of Automatic Control,
Institute of Electrical
University of Paderborn
Biegler, Lorenz T. Carnegie Mellon University  USA  Multi-scale Optimization for Chemical Processes
Boschert, Stefan Siemens AG
Corporate Technology
Research & Technology Center
Bueskens, Christof University of Bremen  Germany  WORHP: Modern nonlinear optimization meets industrial requirements
Burger, Michael Fraunhofer ITWM  Deutschland  Load Simulation in Vehicle Engineering
Cudok, Falk TU Berlin  Germany 
Domschke, Pia Technische Universität Darmstadt  Germany  Adaptive Modelling and Simulation for the Optimization of Gas and Water Supply Networks
Gambato, Francesco University of Padova
Dept. of Industrial Engineering
 Italy  Metabodel-Based Uniform Cooking by Microwave Phase Shift
Ghosh, Sunayana Zuse Institute Berlin  Germany 
Gomez Esperon, Daniel TU Berlin, Software Engineering Group  Germany 
Götte, Michael TU Berlin  Germany 
Hafner, Irene dwh GmbH  Austria 
Ha, Phi TU Berlin  Germany 
Heinzle, Roman ÖAW, Mathconsult GmbH  Austria 
Höger, Christoph TU Berlin  Germany  Input Compression for the Dynamic Sigma Method
Hoffmann, Anna Fraunhofer ITWM  Germany 
Huck, Christoph Humboldt-University of Berlin  Germany  Stable and efficient simulation of hyperbolic PDAEs describing flow networks
Jaehnichen, Stefan Technical University of Berlin  Germany 
Karasözen, Bülent Department of Mathematics & Institute
of Applied Mathematics Middle
East Technical University
 Turkey  Space-time adaptive discontinuous Galerkin methods for advection dominated reactive flows
Lang, Jens Technische Universität Darmstadt
Department of Mathematics
 Germany  On the Design and Use of Adaptive PDAE Solvers
Lehnhoff, Sebastian OFFIS - Institute for Information Technology  Germany 
Lubkoll, Lars Zuse Institute Berlin  Germany 
McKenzie, Ross Cardiff University  Wales, UK  Structural Analysis and Dummy Derivatives
Mehlhase, Alexandra TU Berlin  Germany 
Mehrmann, Volker TU Berlin  Germany 
Milde, Anja KoMSO - Committee for Mathematical
Modeling, Simulation and Optimization;
IWR - Interdisciplinary Center for
Scientific Computing, Uni Heidelberg
Moldenhauer, Marian Zuse Institute Berlin  Germany 
Nedialkov, Ned Department of Computing and Software  Canada  Recent Progress on Structural Analysis for DAEs
Niroomand Rad, Helia TU Berlin  Germany 
Nytsch-Geusen, Christoph UdK Berlin  Germany  An adaptive modelling approach for energetic building simulation, based on Modelica
Otter, Martin German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Institute of System Dynamics and
 Germany  Nonlinear Modelica Models in Control Applications
Pade, Jonas Humboldt University  Germany 
Pepper, Peter Techn. Univ. Berlin  Germany 
Petzold, Thomas Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics  Germany 
Poell, Carina Vienna UT  Austria 
Poland, Jan ABB Corporate Research Switzerland  Switzerland  Active pitch control of tethered wings for airborne wind energy
Pryce, John Cardiff University  United Kingdom 
Quraishi, Sarosh Institute for Mathematics, TU Berlin  Germany 
Röhrle, Oliver Cluster of Excellence for Simulation Technology (SimTech)
of Applied Mechanics (CE)
University of Stuttgart
 Germany  Modelling Skeletal Muscles: A multi-physics challenge
Richard, Thomas Maplesoft GmbH  Germany  Postprocessing of DAEs in MapleSim and Maple
Ricker, Jochen TU Berlin  Germany 
Romate, Johan Delft University of Technology  Netherlands 
Rommes, Joost Mentor Graphics  France  Model order reduction for simulation and optimization in the electronics industry
Ruge, Vitalij FH-Bielefeld  Germany 
Schenk, Christina Universität Trier  Germany  Numerical modeling, simulation and parameter estimation for wine fermentation
Schilders, Wil TU Eindhoven  The Netherlands 
Schillen, Peter University of Mannheim
School of Business Informatics and
 Germany  Electric transmission lines: Control and numerical discretization
Scholz, Lena TU Berlin  Germany 
Schumacher, Thomas Engys  Germany  Industrial application of an adjoint level-set based optimization method
Siebenborn, Martin University of Trier  Germany  High performance discontinuous Galerkin methods in aerodynamical shape optimization
Steidel, Stefan Fraunhofer ITWM  Deutschland 
Steinbrecher, Andreas TU Berlin  Germany  Integration of high index DAEs using the software package QUALIDAES
Steinbrink, Cornelius OFFIS - Institute for Information Technology  Germany  mosaik -- a Framework for Smart Grid Co-Simulations
Stolwijk, Jeroen TU Berlin  Germany  On a model hierarchy for gas flow simulation
Tischendorf, Caren Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin  Deutschland 
Unger, Benjamin TU Berlin  Germany 
Zimmer, Christoph TU Berlin  Germany 

Impressum Andreas Steinbrecher 15.10.2014