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Welcome to the SPP 1798 (CoSIP) Winter Retreat for PhD students and postdocs in December 2016.

The term Compressed Sensing was introduced around 2006 as a novel technique in signal processing, which allows to efficiently acquire and reconstruct signals by exploiting the sparseness or compressibility of such signals. Since then, the area attracted a lot of attention, and the mathematical concepts of the theory are nowadays quite well understood. Parallel to the progress in mathematics, the potential of compressed sensing for applications was explored by many international groups of engineers but also of applied mathematicians, achieving very promising advances in various areas such as communication theory, imaging sciences, optics, radar technology, sensor networks, or tomography.

One of these initiatives is the SPP 1798 - Compressed Sensing in Information Processing (CoSIP), which is a new Priority Programme established by the DFG in April 2014 with a starting date in April 2015. A particular feature of such a Priority Programme is the nationwide collaboration between its participating researchers.

The CoSIP Winter Retreat is intended to equip the younger researchers of the Priority Programme with the main ideas from key areas in electrical engineering and the main mathematical methodologies from Compressed Sensing, while also providing an opportunity for strengthening interdisciplinary research networks. The idea of the event is that a selection of PhD students and postdocs from the various projects of the SPP are giving 30-minutes overview talks, specifically targeting the audience consisting of electrical engineers and mathematicians, followed by 15 minutes to allow for vivid discussions. The retreat will be completed by three plenary talks given by internationally recognized experts in their field.

The workshop will be held on December 7-9, 2016 at Technical University in Berlin.

Plenary Speakers:

Giuseppe Caire (TU Berlin)
Jens Eisert (FU Berlin)
Felix Krahmer (TU München)

The retreat is organized by Holger Boche (Technische Universität München), Gitta Kutyniok (Technische Universität Berlin), Maximilian März (Technische Universität Berlin) and Rudolf Mathar (RWTH Aachen).

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