Massimo Fornasier:

Learning sums of ridge functions in high dimensions:
a nonlinear compressed sensing model.

Gitta Kutyniok:

1. Lecture: An Introduction to Compressed Sensing
2. Lecture: Applied Harmonic Analysis and Compressed Sensing
(Slides Part 1), (Slides Part 2), (Slides Part 3), (Slides Part 4)

Holger Rauhut:

Structured random measurements in compressed sensing

Roman Vershynin:

Can Lasso be used for non-linear data?

Rachel Ward:

Low-­‐rank matrix recovery and phase retrieval

Additionally there will be some presentations on some recent applications of Compressed Sensing techniques by Axel Flinth, Martin Genzel and Jackie Ma. And a tutorial on the basics of Compressed Sening (Exercises, Solutions)