Welcome to Matheon CSA2013


Welcome to the Matheon Workshop on Compressed Sensing and its Applications 2013.

Compressed sensing was introduced in 2006 as a novel technique in signal processing, which allows to efficiently acquire and reconstruct signals by exploiting the sparseness or compressibility of a signal. Since then, the area attracted a lot of attention, and the mathematical concepts of the theory are nowadays quite well understood. Parallel to the progress in mathematics, the potential of compressed sensing for applications was explored by many international groups of engineers but also of applied mathematicians, achieving very promising advances in various areas such as communication theory, imaging sciences, optics, radar technology, sensor networks, or tomography.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together the world leading mathematicians working in compressed sensing and the world leading engineers from all such application areas, to report on recent developments, to promote a dialogue between applied mathematicians and engineers, and to foster new developments and collaborations.

This workshop will be held on December 9-13, 2013 at the campus of Technical University in Berlin.

Plenary Speakers:

Richard Baraniuk (Rice University, USA)
Helmut Bölcskei (ETH, Zurich, Switzerland)
Babak Hassibi (California Institute of Technology, USA)
Volker Mehrmann (TU Berlin, Germany)
Ali Pezeshki (Colorado State University, USA)
Guillermo Sapiro (Duke University, USA)
Martin Vetterli (EPFL, Switzerland)

The workshop is organized by Holger Boche (Technical University Munich), Robert Calderbank (Duke University), Gitta Kutyniok (local organizer) and Jan Vybiral (local organizer)

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