The deadline for applications was October 20, 2007.

Applications are no longer accepted.

To produce the application documents, you had to ...
  • download and complete the LaTeX form below (see Sample submission for hints);
  • test your submission by inserting it into the LaTeX template file;
  • upload the LaTeX form with your data inserted and the typeset PS- or PDF-document.

Your files should be named email_address.tex and or .pdf, where email_address is your complete email address.

Download LaTeX form       Download LaTeX template        Download  Sample submission

Some help for completing the application:

  1. Aside from general information, the heart of your submission is the abstract – an abstract of a talk you would be willing to give if you attend. It will be one of the main items in judging your application, and the abstracts of the attendees will be circulated at the meeting. It is a good idea to take the time to produce a crisp, well-written, informative abstract.
  2. No graphics please. If you wish, you may include in the abstract a URL pointing to graphics and other supporting material. However, the abstract should be self-contained.
  3. In the submittedby and author commands put the name on the same line as the command next to the left brace.
  4. Place any personal macro definitions at the beginning of the abstract.
  5. LaTeX the form with the template document provided above to make sure it runs properly and produces acceptable output.