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  1. N.L. Abasheeva Some boundary value problems for operator-differential equations of mixed type and their applications to inverse problems
  2. V. Adamyan Trace formula in perturbation theory
  3. A. Akhmetova Quasiconformal mappings associated with Gahov's equation in inverse boundary value problems
  4. H.-D. Alber Reduction of the plasticity model to to an operator equation and regularity
  5. F. Ali Mehmeti The dynamics of the multiple tunnel effect
  6. D. Alpay Linear stochastic systems: a white noise space approach
  7. D. Alpay A Schur algorithm for a large class of functions
  8. A. Al-Salman On singular and Marcinkiewicz integral operators
  9. J. Arazy Minimal and maximal invariant Banach spaces of holomorphic functions on bounded symmetric domains
  10. W. Arendt From forms to semigroups
  11. Yu. Arlinskii Bounded quasi-selfadjoint operators, their Weyl functions, and special block operator Jacobi matrices
  12. N. Artamonov Localization of the spectrum of a quadric pencil with a strong damping operator
  13. N. Askour Resolvent kernel for the Kohn Laplacian on the Heisenberg group by means of a Schrödinger operator with magnetic field
  14. D. Atanasiu Completely positive definite functions on a commutative semigroup with involution
  15. T. Azizov On negative eigenvalues of a linear pencil
  16. J.A. Ball Canonical model theory for Hilbert space row contractions
  17. A. Baranov Truncated Toeplitz operators: existence of bounded symbols
  18. H. Bart Spectral regularity of Banach algebras and non-commutative Gelfand theory
  19. H. Bart The state space method in analysis and Schur complements
  20. M.A. Bastos Representations of non local C* algebras of singular operators and C* crossed products
  21. A. Bátkai Operator splitting for evolution equations
  22. C. Batty Quasi-hyperbolic operators and semigroups
  23. W. Bauer Remarks on commuting Toeplitz operators
  24. F. Bayazit Nonautonomous flows in networks
  25. S. Belyi Realizations of extremal classes of Stieltjes and inverse Stieltjes functions
  26. J. Ben Amara Spectral and oscillation properties for fourth-order boundary value problems Ny = \lambda Py
  27. M. Berkani Extended Weyl type theorems
  28. S. Bernstein A new inverse scattering transform
  29. A. Bhattacharya Coincidence of Schur Multipliers of the Drury-Arveson space
  30. T. Bhattacharyya Completely positive kernels, Hilbert C^*-modules and coherent states
  31. P. Binding Some Sturm-Liouville type results for the p-Laplacian
  32. P. Blaschke Asymptotic behavior of Bergman kernels with logarithmic weight
  33. J. Bolte Quantum graphs with singular two-particle interactions
  34. G. Boquet A behavioral interpretation of Livšic systems
  35. B. Bouikhalene On the approximate K-spherical functions on the Heisenberg group
  36. B. Bouikhalene On the operator-valued K-spherical functions
  37. L. Boulton Eigenvalue asymptotics of a family of Sturm-Liouville operators with boundary and interior singularities
  38. J. Bracic On the reflexivity of the kernel of an elementary operator
  39. F. Brackx Fischer decompositions in Hermitean Clifford analysis
  40. I. Braeutigam Spectral analysis of an one-term irregular symmetric differential operator
  41. J. Brasche Schatten-von Neumann norm estimates for resolvent differences of Dirichlet operators
  42. M. Bresar Lie ideals in algebra and analysis
  43. N. Buyukliev The $C^*$-algebra of Toeplitz operators associated with a polyhedral cone
  44. C. Câmara Fredholm properties of Toeplitz operators and meromorphic corona problems
  45. M. Carlsson On truncated Wiener-Hopf operators and BMO(Z)
  46. C. Carvalho An index formula for classes of pseudodifferential operators on non-compact spaces
  47. L. Castro Electromagnetic scattering by cylindrical orthotropic waveguide irises
  48. P. Cerejeiras Phase space analysis in Dunkl setting
  49. E. Cheremnikh The trace formula for a non-selfadjoint Friedrichs' model
  50. B.R. Choe Berezin transform and compactness of Toeplitz operators on the harmonic Bergman space
  51. Abdon Choque Rivero Determinacy of the Hamburger moment problem of a determinate Stieltjes moment problem in the matrix case
  52. J. Cimpric Non-commutative real algebraic geometry for a unital associative $\ast$-algebra
  53. N. Cohen Generic reflexivity for spaces of matrices
  54. F. Colombo Recent notions of spectra for $n$-tuples of operators in Clifford Analysis
  55. A. Conceição Explicit Factorization of Matrix Functions with Mathematica 6.0
  56. J.A. Conejero Chaotic shift operators coming from polynomials
  57. M. Costabel Potential operators for differential forms on Lipschitz domains
  58. S. Currie Differential operators on graphs - an overview
  59. R. Curto Truncated moment problems, positive linear functionals, and finite algebraic varieties arising from cubic column relations}
  60. R. Curto Commuting pairs of multiplication operators on reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces over Reinhardt domains
  61. G. Das Cosine of angle and center of mass of an operator
  62. M. De la Rosa Some problems related with frequent hypercyclicity and chaos
  63. M.C. Delfour Metrics and Geodesics in Control and Identification of Shapes and Geometries
  64. M. Demuth On the distribution of the eigenvalues for non-selfadjoint operators
  65. M. Denisov On the spectral properties of the product of two selfadjoint operators
  66. R. Denk Resolvent estimates for mixed-order systems
  67. M. Derevyagin The Jacobi matrices approach to Nevanlinna-Pick problems
  68. M. Derevyagin Borg-type theorems for finite generalized Jacobi matrices
  69. V. Derkach Regularity of critical points of nonnegative operators in Krein spaces
  70. H. De Schepper The Cauchy-Kovalevskaya extension in Hermitean Clifford analysis
  71. P. Dewilde Combining Schur interpolation and Schur elimination to produce new types of matrix conditioners
  72. A. Dijksma Boundary interpolation and rigidity for generalized Nevanlinna functions
  73. A. Dijksma Self-adjoint linearizations of eigenvalue problems with boundary conditions which depend polynomially on the eigenvalue parameter
  74. C. Diogo Some properties of Fredholm type for Toeplitz operators with $2\times 2$ symbols
  75. S. Djordjevic Compact perturbations of linear bounded operator that preserve spectral continuity
  76. R. Douglas Essential Spectrum of Multivariable Matrix-Valuedd Toeplitz Operators
  77. R. Douglas Similarity, dilations, and commutant lifting in the DA-Space
  78. M.A. Dritschel Preorders and a realization theorem for the Schur class
  79. R. Duduchava Extension of functions from hypersurfaces with the boundary
  80. H. Dym Bitangential Interpolation in Generalized Schur Classes
  81. H, Dym Some inverse problems for Krein-Dirac systems
  82. S. Ebert Diffusive wavelets and the Heisenberg group
  83. T. Ehrhardt Szegö-Widom Limit theorems for band-dominated operators with almost periodic diagonals
  84. T. Eisner On non-commutative analoga of multiple ergodic theorems
  85. K.-J. Engel Boundary control of flows in networks
  86. Y. Enomoto On strong solutions to the equation of motion of compressible viscous fluid flow on an exterior domain
  87. S.-L. Eriksson Hyperbolic Function Theory
  88. B. Farkas The periodic decomposition problem for operator semigroups
  89. N. Faustino Quantum mechanical methods in electromagnetism
  90. L. Fialkow The role of positivity in moment and polynomial optimization problems
  91. A. Fleige Equivalence of the indefinite Sturm-Liouville Riesz basis property with a HELP-type inequality
  92. M. Fragoulopoulou Tensor products of GB*-algebras and applications
  93. A.E. Frazho Optimal H^2 solutions to a rational Bezout type equation
  94. G. Freiling Sampling theorems associated with regular and irregular eigenvalue problems
  95. K. Gansberger $\overline\partial$ and the Dirac operator
  96. M. Gekhtman Hankel determinants, Coxeter-Toda lattices and cluster algebras
  97. G. Giorgadze Riemann-Hilbert problems on compact Riemann surfaces
  98. J. Giribet Sampling problems and oblique projections
  99. K. Götze Maximal L^p-regularity for a fluid-solid interaction problem
  100. R. Gohm Noncommutative Markov chains and multivariate operator theory
  101. M. de Gosson A representation of the Heisenberg group by operators acting on phase space; applications
  102. B. Gramsch Oka's principle in the Fredholm theory for Fráchet algebras of Fourier operators
  103. L. Grubišic Reduced resolvent formula and weak operator equations, a bridge between block operator matrices and numerical linear algebra
  104. K. Grunert Transformation operators for Schrödinger operators on infinite-gap backgrounds
  105. U. Günther PT-symmetry, Cartan decompositions, Lie triple systems and Krein space related Clifford algebras
  106. M. Gürdal On some questions of operator theory
  107. K. Gürlebeck Series expansions of monogenic functions
  108. B.H. Haak Admissibilty for Volterra systems with scalar kernels
  109. M. Haase Besov class calculi for discrete and continuous operator semigroups
  110. S. Haeseler The parabolic Harnack inequality for metric graphs
  111. B. Hanzon Non-negativity analysis for exponential-polynomial-trigonometric functions
  112. G. Harutyunyan On some applications of pseudo-differential calculus in quantum mechanic
  113. F. Haslinger Compactness for the $\overline \partial $ - Neumann problem - a functional analysis approach
  114. S. Hassi Boundary relations and generalized resolvents of symmetric operators
  115. M.J. Heath A characterization of the bounded derivations from the disk algebra to its dual
  116. A.Ya. Helemskii Hahn-Banach type theorems for normed modules
  117. B. Helton Convex matrix inequalities vs linear matrix inequalities
  118. A.-K. Herbig A smoothing property of the Bergman projection
  119. M. Hieber Asymptotic behaviour of the Stokes-Coriolis-Ekman system
  120. A. Hiscox The low-energy behaviour of Regge poles
  121. O. Holtz Zeros of entire functions: from Rene Descartes to Mark Krein and beyond
  122. R. Hryniv Inverse scattering on the line for Schrödinger operators with singular Miura potentials
  123. G.C. Hsiao Scattering problems in fluid-structure interaction
  124. L. Hua Decomposition of function space on non-rectifiable curve
  125. A.D. Ioannidis On a linear neutral integro-differential equation
  126. H. Issa Compact Toeplitz operators for weighted Bergman spaces on bounded symmetric domains
  127. B. Jacob Weighted interpolation in Paley-Wiener spaces and finite-time controllability
  128. D. Janse van Rensburg H-expansive matrices in indefinite inner product spaces and their invariant subspaces
  129. M.A. Kaashoek Krein systems on a finite interval: accelerants and continuous potentials
  130. M.A. Kaashoek Canonical factorization of rational matrix functions on the unit circle revisited
  131. M.A. Kaashoek Discrete skew self-adjoint canonical systems with rational Weyl functions
  132. U. Kähler Special Skew-Weyl relations and discrete time-frequency analysis
  133. D. Kaliuzhnyi-Verbovetskyi Noncommutative Functions: Algebraic and Analytic Results
  134. H.T. Kaptanoglu Von Neumann inequalities with respect to weighted symmetric Fock spaces
  135. A. Karelin Operator equalities as means for the study of singular integral operators with Carleman shift
  136. Yu. Karlovych An algebra of convolution type operators with discontinuous data
  137. M. Karow Structured Pseudospectra of Hamiltonian matrices
  138. O. Katkova Total positivity and the Riemann zeta-function
  139. B.A. Kats Riemann boundary value problem on non-rectifiable arcs and Cauchy transform
  140. V. Katsnelson Stieltjes functions and stable entire functions
  141. S. Kerbal B-evolution operators and its application for Partial differential equations on manifolds
  142. L. Kérchy Operator semigroups of regular norm-behaviour
  143. V.E. Kim Completeness of translates of entire functions and hypercyclic operators
  144. D. Kimsey Matrix-valued truncated K-moment problems in several variables
  145. O. Kirillov Krein signature and eigencurves of non-conservative gyroscopic systems
  146. B. Kirstein Description of Helson-Szegö measures in terms of the Schur parameter sequences of associated Schur functions
  147. V.V. Kisil Hypercomplex representations of the Heisenberg group: p-mechanics
  148. V.V. Kisil Covariant spectrum and Krein spaces
  149. I. Klep Relaxing linear matrix inequalities noncommutatively
  150. B. Klöss The flow approach to waves on networks
  151. M. Kohlmann Dislocation problems for periodic Schrödinger operators and mathematical aspects of small angle grain boundaries
  152. G. Kohr New results in the theory of univalent subordination chains in several complex variables
  153. M. Kohr Recent results for boundary value problems concerning general Brinkman operators in Lipschitz domains. Applications
  154. E. Korotyaev Direct and inverse problems for discrete Schrödinger operators on Z^d, d \geq 2
  155. E. Korotyaev Frequencies and action variables for periodic KdV and dNLS on the circle
  156. A. Kostenko Weyl-Titchmarsh theory for Bessel operators
  157. V. Kostrykin On indefinite quadratic forms
  158. C. Kriegler The Hörmander functional calculus
  159. H. Krüger Vanishing of the Lyapunov exponent
  160. S. Kuhlmann Closures of sums of squares in various convex topologies
  161. P.C. Kunstmann On optimal $L^p-L^q$-estimates for parabolic boundary value problems
  162. O. Kushel On generalized Schoenberg theorem
  163. S. Kuzhel On a class of J-self-adjoint operators with empty resolvent set
  164. P. Lancaster Quadratic matrix polynomials: solvents and inverse problems
  165. P. Lancaster Matrix polynomials: parametrization and canonical forms
  166. H. Langer Linearization of self-adjoint analytic operator functions
  167. M. Langer Two-dimensional Hamiltonian systems with two singular endpoints. Part one
  168. M. Langer Variational principles for eigenvalues of operator functions and block operator matrices
  169. A. Lasarow On canonical solutions of the truncated trigonometric matrix moment problem
  170. Yu. Latushkin The index formula and the spectral shift function for relatively trace class perturbations
  171. J. Leiterer Estimates for the Cartan lemma on holomorphic matrices, and generalization
  172. R. Levene Completely bounded norms of right module maps
  173. I. Lewkowicz Convex cones of generalized positive rational functions and Nevanlinna-Pick interpolation
  174. O. Liess Decay estimates for the solutions of the system of crystal elasticity for tetragonal crystals
  175. M. Lindner Spectra of Jacobi operators: Analysis and approximation
  176. V. Lotoreichik Spectral asymptotic of elliptic operators with non-local boundary conditions
  177. A. Luger (Generalized) Nevanlinna functions - Old and new
  178. E. Luna-Elizarrarás Some properties of unitary operators on quaternionic Hilbert spaces
  179. A. Lunardi Dirichlet problems for Ornstein-Uhlenbeck operators in subsets of Hilbert spaces
  180. C. Mädler On the truncated matricial Stieltjes moment problem
  181. A. Maestripieri Positive decompositions of selfadjoint operators
  182. M. Malamud Spectral theory of Schrödinger operators with point interactions on a discrete set
  183. M. Malamud Perturbation determinants and trace formulas for non-additive perturbations
  184. M.T. Malheiro Wiener-Hopf factorization for a class of matrix functions using an isomorphism with a group of scalar functions on a Riemann surface
  185. A. Markus Self-adjoint analytic operator functions: Inner linearization and factorization of the restriction to a spectral subspace
  186. A. Markus A theorem of Heinz Langer on the factorization of selfadjoint operator polynomials
  187. M. Marletta Basisness results for some singular pencils of differential operators arising in hydrodynamics
  188. R. Marreiros An estimate for the number of solutions of an homogeneous generalized Riemann boundary value problem with shift and conjugation
  189. F. Martin Adaptive Wavelet methods for the Hilbert transform and Riemann-Hilbert problems
  190. M.M. Martínez Decay estimates for singular extensions of vector-valued Laplace transforms
  191. A. Martínez-Finkelshtein Asymptotics of zeros of Heine-Stieltjes polynomials and critical measures
  192. F. Martínez-Giménez Operators with specification properties
  193. F. Martínez-Pería Schur complements in Krein spaces
  194. H. Mascarenhas Finite Section Method for a Banach Algebra of Convolution Type Operators on L^p(R) with Symbols Generated by PC and SO
  195. V. Matsaev Linearization and factorization of singular operator functions
  196. C. Mehl Generic rank one perturbation of complex Hamiltonian matrices
  197. V. Mehrmann Self-adjoint operator polynomials and their application in optimal control
  198. M. Melgaard Resonances in Quantum Chemistry: Complex Absorbing Potential Method for Systems
  199. A. Melnikov Finite dimensional Sturm Liouville vessels and their tau functions
  200. A. Melnikov The inverse Problem in the quantum theory of scattering using theory of vessels
  201. P.J. Miana Landau inequalities and extensions of domains for convoluted families of operators
  202. A. Miedlar Functional perturbation results for PDE eigenvalue problems
  203. V. Mogilevskii Minimal spectral functions of an ordinary differential operator
  204. L. Molnár Linear maps on observables in von Neumann algebras preserving the maximal deviation
  205. V. Molyboga Smoothness of Hill's potential and lengths of spectral gaps
  206. A.K. Motovilov Bounds on variation of spectral subspaces under $J$-self-adjoint perturbations
  207. V. Müller Orbits of operators and operator semigroups
  208. D. Mugnolo Parabolic equations on graphs with nonlinear boundary conditions
  209. I. Nakic From an abstract second-order differential system to a semigroup
  210. K. Nam Norm estimate of operators related to the harmonic Bergman projection
  211. T. Nau Maximal regularity of cylindrical parameter-elliptic boundary value problems
  212. H. Neidhardt On the unitary equivalence of absolutely continuous parts of self-adjoint extensions
  213. J. Neustupa Spectral properties of an Oseen-type operator, appearing in mathematical models of fluid flow past a rotating body
  214. A.P. Nolasco Wedge diffraction problems with angle $2\pi/n$ and Dirichlet and Neumann conditions
  215. M. Nowaczyk Recovering matching conditions for star graphs
  216. M.A. Nowak An iteration procedure for a class of difference equations
  217. A. Olofsson On the shift semigroup on the Hardy space of Dirichlet series
  218. M.R. Opmeer Balanced realizations
  219. J. Ovall Exploiting the natural block-structure of hierarchically-decomposed variational discretizations of elliptic boundary value problems
  220. K. Paul $\theta$-Antieigenvalues and $\theta$-Antieigenvectors
  221. L. Paunonen The infinite-dimensional Sylvester differential equation and periodic output regulation
  222. A. Peris Hypercyclic dynamics of translation operators and universal harmonic functions of slow growth
  223. L.V. Pessoa Poly-Bergman spaces on domains Möbius equivalent to a disk
  224. F. Philipp Locally definite normal operators in Krein spaces
  225. R. Picard An evolutionary problem with an impedance type boundary condition
  226. J. Pickering Examples and Applications of Test Functions
  227. A. Pietsch Dixmier traces of operators on Banach and Hilbert spaces
  228. V. Pivovarchik Existence of a tree of Stieltjes strings corresponding to given spectra of Dirichlet and Neumann problems
  229. A. Planeta One-dimensional and multidimensional spectral order
  230. A. Posilicano Laplacians on non-Convex polygons, Quantum graphs and Dirichlet network squeezing
  231. O. Post Convergence of the Dirichlet-to-Neumann map on thin branched manifolds
  232. D. Potapov Operator-Lipschitz functions and spectral shift
  233. S.G. Pyatkov: On existence of maximal semidefinite invariant subspaces
  234. U. Raabe An interpolation problem for Potapov functions
  235. M. Raghupathi Interpolation and Fuchsian groups
  236. A.C.M. Ran Eigenvalues of rank one perturbations of matrices
  237. A.C.M. Ran The discrete algebraic Riccati equation and Hermitian block Toeplitz matrices
  238. T.H. Rasulov Asymptotics of the discrete spectrum of a model operator associated with a system of three particles on a lattice
  239. J. Rehberg L^\infty estimates for fractional resolvent powers
  240. G. Ren Einstein transforms
  241. A. Rhandi Non-autonomous Ornstein-Uhlenbeck operators in exterior domains
  242. L. Rodman: Higher rank numerical ranges
  243. L. Rodman: Perturbation analysis of canonical forms
  244. J. Rohleder Spectral theory for elliptic differential operators and Dirichlet-to-Neumann maps
  245. E.M. Rojas On the invertibility of paired operators within ordered groups
  246. J. Rovnyak The operator Fejér-Riesz theorem
  247. N. Rozhenko Passive impedance systems and stochastic realizations of stationary processes
  248. J. Ryan On Rarita-Schwinger type operators
  249. A. Rybkin On well-posedness and meromorphic solutions of the Korteweg-de Vries equation with non-decaying initial data supported on a left half-line
  250. I. Sabadini A functional calculus based on axially monogenic functions
  251. I.V. Sadovnichaya Equiconvergence theorems for Sturm-Liouville operators with singular potentials
  252. A. Sakhnovich Factorisation of the wave function and sine-Gordon theory in a semi-strip
  253. L. Sánchez-Lajusticia Some examples for radical Banach algebrae defined by fractional derivation
  254. P.A. Santos Galerkin method with graded meshes for Wiener-Hopf operators with PC symbols in L^p spaces
  255. A. Sasane Projective free Banach algebras and the stabilization problem in control theory
  256. A. Sasane Extension of the $\nu$-metric
  257. Z. Sasvári Selected topics on the extension problem for positive definite functions
  258. A.M. Savchuk Spectral properties of the Dirac operators on finite interval with potentials from $L_p$ and Sobolev spaces
  259. Y. Savchuk Noncommutative Positivstellensätze for matrix algebras
  260. C. Schiebold Hierarchies of noncommutative KdV-type equations
  261. M. Schmidmeier Linear operators with two invariant subspaces: Swiss Cheese Theorem and an application to control theory
  262. K.M. Schmidt Spectral properties of rotationally symmetric massless Dirac operators
  263. A. Seelmann A new estimate in the subspace perturbation problem
  264. S. Serra-Capizzano From Toeplitz matrix-sequences to generalized locally Toeplitz sequences
  265. P. Shabalin The Riemann - Hilbert boundary value problem with a countable set of coefficient and two - side curling at infinity of order less then 1/2
  266. M. Shapiro On classes of derivable functions generated by PDE's with constant coefficients
  267. P. Sharma On invariant subspaces of an operator, some exterior power of which is positive
  268. I.A. Sheipak On the spectrum of some class of Jacobi operators in Krein space
  269. Y. Shibata On the L_p-L_q maximal regularity of the Stokes equations with first order boundary condition in a general domain
  270. A.A. Shkalikov On perturbations of self-adjoint or normal operators
  271. A.A. Shkalikov Invariant subspaces, definitizable operators and operators matrices
  272. D. Shoikhet Boundary singularities of holomorphic generators
  273. Yu. Shondin Approximation of singular Sturm-Liouville problems at regular singularity in indefinite metric framework
  274. P. Siegl PT-symmetric Robin boundary conditions
  275. E. Sikolya Asymptotic behaviour of flows in infinite networks
  276. B. Silbermann Banach algebras generated by Toeplitz and Hankel operators with piecewise continuous generating functions
  277. H. de Snoo Square-integrable solutions and Weyl functions for singular canonical systems
  278. F. Sommen Micro-localization from Clifford Analysis
  279. F. Sommen Fourier-Borel transforms in Clifford Analysis
  280. F.-O. Speck Progress in wedge diffraction
  281. I.M. Spitkovsky Factorizations, Riemann-Hilbert problems and the corona theorem
  282. W. Sprößig Non-linearities and quaternionic holomorphic functions
  283. W. Sprößig Electrodynamics with quaternions
  284. O.J. Staffans Passive and conservative state/signal systems in continuous time
  285. H. Stahl AAK approximants to functions with branch points
  286. E.P. Stephan Solution procedures for frictional contact
  287. J. Stochel Completion problem for subnormal and completely hyperexpansive weighted shifts
  288. E. Straube Compactness of the complex Green operator
  289. V. Strauss On the unicity of the integro-polynomial representation for definitizable moment problems
  290. L.I. Sukhocheva On a smootness of a linear pencil and its factor
  291. F.H. Szafraniec Looking for the target space of a would-be Hankel operator
  292. M. Tapdigoglu On some problems related with some special operator classes
  293. T. ter Elst The Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator on rough domains
  294. S. ter Horst Interpolation in de Branges-Rovnyak spaces
  295. G. Teschl Weyl-Titchmarsh theory for Schrödinger operators with strongly singular potentials
  296. V. Tkachenko When is a non-self-adjoint Hill operator a spectral operator of scalar type?
  297. S. Torba On operator analogue of Jackson inequality
  298. C. Trapani Operators on partial inner product spaces
  299. T. Trent Corona theorems and 1-positive square
  300. C. Tretter Unbounded block operator matrices and recent applications
  301. E. Tsekanovskii On Weyl's commutation relations in infinitesimal form
  302. M. Tusek Atoms in a thin layer
  303. M. Tyaglov Spectral problem for a class of non-self-adjoint Jacobi matrices
  304. M. Tyaglov On the location of roots of Hermite-Biehler polynomials
  305. A. Ullmann Generalized Triebel-Lizorkin spaces and bounded H^\infty-calculus for R_q-sectorial operators
  306. H. Upmeier Asymptotic expansions for symmetric spaces
  307. H. Upmeier Vector-valued Bergman spaces and intertwining operators
  308. A. Vajiac Dolbeault complexes and hyperfunction theory in the bicomplex setting
  309. N. Vasilevski Commutative algebras of Toeplitz operators, hyperbolic geometry, and Berezin quantization
  310. S. Verduyn Lunel Calculating Hausdorff dimensions of invariant sets using spectral theory
  311. T.J. Villalba-Vega On the Neumann problem for the Helmholtz equation in a plane angle
  312. V. Vinnikov Realization of noncommutative functions
  313. V. Vinnikov Noncommutative free Levy-Hincin formula
  314. A. Vishnyakova On sufficient conditions for the total positivity of matrices and applications
  315. V. Vlasov Spectral analysis for hyperbolic integrodifferential equations in Hilbert space
  316. H. Vogt L_p-theory for second order elliptic operators with complex coefficients
  317. D. Volok Positive extensions of matrices indexed by a homogeneous tree
  318. D. Volok Rational discrete analytic functions
  319. A. Vourdas Harmonic analysis on $GF(p^{p^\infty})$ and the corresponding Heisenberg-Weyl group
  320. V. Voytitsky Multicomponent transmission problems with spectral parameter in equations and boundary conditions
  321. G. Wanjala On invariant subspaces of absolutely (p,q)-summing operators
  322. B.A. Watson Operator factorization and the Darboux Crum transformation
  323. M. Waurick Calculating adjoints of operators on infinite graphs
  324. R. Weikard On the stability of inverse resonance problems
  325. L. Weis Spectral theoretic methods for stochastic partial differential equations
  326. W. Wendland On Levi functions
  327. H.L. Wietsma Products of Nevanlinna functions with symmetric rational functions
  328. H. Winkler Factorizations of maximal sectorial relations
  329. M. Wojtylak The pair of operators T^[*]T and TT^[*]; J-dilations and canonical forms
  330. M. Wojtylak Zeros of nonpositive type of Nevanlinna functions with one negative square
  331. I. Wood The abstract Titchmarsh-Weyl M-function and its relation to the spectrum
  332. H. Woracek Two-dimensional Hamiltonian systems with two singular endpoints. Part two
  333. C. Wyss Hamiltonians with Riesz bases of eigenvectors and Riccati equations
  334. D. Yakubovich Spectral properties of nonselfadjoint one-dimensional singular perturbations of unbounded selfadjoint operators
  335. N. Yannakakis The cosine of a linear operator revisited
  336. M. Yattselev Convergent interpolation to Cauchy integrals over analytic arcs with Jacobi-type weights
  337. V. Zagrebnov Localization of the numerical range for quasi-sectorial contractions and semigroup approximations
  338. S. Zhuk Inverse problem for ill-posed linear differential-algebraic equations with variable coefficients
  339. L. Zielinski Estimates of large eigenvalues for some Jacobi matrices with unbouded entries
  340. B. Zinsou Self-adjoint fourth order differential operators with eigenvalue parameter dependent boundary conditions
  341. M. Znojil Complete sets of metrics in solvable PT-symmetric models
  342. H. Zwart Port-Hamiltonian systems and boundary triplets

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