We invite colleagues to propose Special Sessions. As an organizer of a Special Sessions please contact potential speakers and get a list of tentative titles of lectures. A typical special session could have from 6 to 15 speakers. Please submit the proposal to the conference mailing address providing the following information
  • Title and a brief description of the session.
  • Names and e-mail addresses of the session organizers.
  • List of speakers and tentative titles of lectures
  • Tentative number of the session participants.
The deadline for submissions is March, 31, 2010.

Approved Special Sessions

If you intend to participate in a special session please contact the corresponding session organizers.

  • Recent Development in Schur Analysis (D. Alpay)
  • Operator Theory in Krein Spaces, (T. Azizov, H. Langer, S. Kuzhel)
  • Operator-Theoretic Techniques for Function Theory, Interpolation and Transfer Function Realization, (J. Ball, S. ter Horst)
  • Operator Semigroups and Applications (A. Batkai, K.-J. Engel)
  • Sturm Liouville Problems (B.M. Brown, M. Marletta)
  • The Interplay between Operator Theory and the $\overline{\partial}$-Neumann Problem (Z. Cuckovic, F. Haslinger)
  • Structured Matrices, Total Positivity and Problems of Function Theory (M. Derevyagin, O. Holtz, M. Tyaglov)
  • Quantitative Spectral Theory of Block Matrix Operators (L. Grubisic, V. Kostrykin, C. Tretter)
  • Extension Theory and Applications (S. Hassi, H. de Snoo)
  • Operator Theory with Algebraic Connections (B. Helton, I. Klep)
  • Spectral Theory and Evolution Equations (M. Hieber, L. Weis)
  • Infinite-Dimensional Systems Theory (B. Jacob, H. Zwart)
  • The Boundary Value Problems for Holomorphic Functions and Singular Integral Operators with Applications (B.A. Kats)
  • The Heisenberg Group for Time-Frequency and Phase Space Analysis (U. Kaehler, V.V. Kisil)
  • Indefinite Linear Algebra (C. Mehl, A.C.M. Ran)
  • Dynamics and Operator Theory (P. Miana, A. Peris)
  • Operator Theory on Graphs (D. Mugnolo, O. Post)
  • Hypercomplex Operator Theory (I. Sabadini, M. Shapiro)
  • Direct and Inverse Problems and their Applications (A. Sakhnovich, G. Teschl)
  • Operator Theoretical Methods in Mathematical Physics, on the Traces of Erhard Meister (F.-O. Speck, W. Wendland)
  • Spectral Theory of Linear Operators and Operator Functions -- Dedicated to Heinz Langer on his 75th Birthday -- (C. Tretter)

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