Mathematics for innovations in industry and services

Model Reduction for Complex Dynamical Systems

TU Berlin, 2-4 December 2010

TU Berlin

List of participants:

Name, First name
Title of Talk
Amorocho Durán,
  Juan Pablo
TU Braunschweig  Germany  Model Order Reduction of Large Nonlinear Electric Circuits via the Trajectory Piecewise-Linear Approach (Abstract)
Banagaaya, Nicodemus TU Eindhoven  The Netherlands 
Batlle, Carles Universitat Politèecnica de Catalunya  Spain 
Baur, Ulrike TU Chemnitz  Germany 
Becker, Urs Fraunhofer ITWM  Germany 
Benner, Peter Max Planck Institute for
Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems
 Germany  SyreNe - System Reduction for Nanoscale IC Design
Bodendiek, André TU Braunschweig  Germany 
Bollhöfer, Matthias TU Braunschweig  Germany 
Breiten, Tobias Max Planck Institute for
Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems
 Germany  Nonlinear Model Reduction via Quadratic Bilinear Control Systems (Abstract)
Dihlmann, Markus Universität Stuttgart  Germany  Adaptive Reduced Model Generation for Parametrized Systems (Abstract)
Doering, Charles University of Michigan  USA 
Drohmann, Martin Universität Münster  Germany  Empirical Interpolation of Nonlinear Parametrized Evolution Operators (Abstract)
Eppler, André K. TU Braunschweig  Germany  Low rank Krylov subsapce methods for solving large Lyapunov equations (Abstract)
Ernst, Oliver TU Bergakademie Freiberg  Germany 
Faßbender, Heike TU Braunschweig  Germany 
Geschwinder, Christine Universität Stuttgart  Germany  Challenges and Experiences in Model Reduction for Mechanical Systems Illustrated for the Reduction of a Crankshaft (Abstract)
Haasdonk, Bernard Universität Stuttgart  Germany 
Hartmann, Carsten Freie Universität Berlin  Germany  Singular perturbation approximation of bilinear systems with applications to stochastic control (Abstract)
Hauser, Matthias Fraunhofer ITWM  Germany 
Hazan, Aurélien Universit√© Paris 1
 France  Model reduction for turbofan health monitoring
Heiland, Jan TU Berlin  Germany 
Herkt, Sabrina Fraunhofer ITWM  Germany  Nonlinear Model Reduction for Rubber Components in Vehicle Engineering (Abstract)
Hinze, Michael Universität Hamburg  Germany 
TU Chemnitz  Germany  Low-rank iterative solution of periodic projected Lyapunov equations (Abstract)
Ionita, Antonio Cosmin Rice University
Houston, Texas
 USA  On Model Reduction of Parametrized Systems (Abstract)
Köcher, Uwe TU Hamburg  Germany 
Köhler, Marcus TU Dresden  Germany 
Kolchuzhin, Vladimir TU Chemnitz  Germany  Parameterized Mode Truncation Technique in MEMS Design
Kubalinska, Dorota Universität Bremen  Germany 
Kürschner, Patrick TU Chemnitz  Germany  Towards a hybrid balanced and modal truncation method for large-scale time invariant systems. (Abstract)
Kunkel, Martin Universität der Bundeswehr München
Lang, Patrick Fraunhofer ITWM  Germany 
Lassila, Toni Ecole Polytechnique Federale
de Lausanne
 Switzerland  Reduced basis method for the reliable model reduction of Navier-Stokes equations in cardiovascular modelling (Abstract)
Lass, Oliver Universität Konstanz  Germany 
Lefteriu, Sanda Rice University  USA  Realizations of 2D Transfer Functions (Abstract)
Lutowska, Agnieszka TU Eindhoven  The Netherlands 
Mancini, Roberta Universität Konstanz  Germany 
Matthes, Ulrich Universität Hamburg  Germany  Residual based POD Model Order Reduction of Drift-Diffusion Equations in electrical networks (Abstract)
Mehl, Christian TU Berlin  Germany 
Miedlar, Agnieszka TU Berlin  Germany 
Möckel, Jens TU Berlin  Germany  Linear-Quadratic Gaussian Balancing for Model Reduction of Descriptor Systems (Abstract)
Nakhla, Michel Carleton University  Canada  Model-Order Reduction of High-Speed Interconnects: Challenges and Opportunities (Abstract)
Phillips, Joel Cadence Design Systems  USA  Model Order Reduction in VLSI ASIC Design: What We Use, What We Want, and Why (Abstract)
Prüfert, Uwe TU Bergakademie Freiberg  Germany 
Reis, Timo TU Hamburg-Harburg  Germany  Balanced Truncation for a Class of Parabolic Partial Differential Equations (Abstract)
Remon, Alfredo Universidad Jaume I  Spain  High Performance Model Reduction of Large Linear Systems on Hybrid CPU-GPU Platforms (Abstract)
Romijn, Reinout RWTH Aachen  Germany 
Saadvandi, Maryam K.U.Leuven  Belgium  On Dominant Poles and Model Reduction of Second Order Time-Delay Systems (Abstract)
Saak, Jens Max Planck Institute for
Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems
Sandberg, Henrik Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)  Sweden  LMI-Based Model Reduction with Structural Constraints (Abstract)
Scherpen, Jacquelien University of Groningen  The Netherlands  Balancing based structure preserving order reduction for port-Hamiltonian systems (Abstract)
Schmidt, Oliver Fraunhofer ITWM  Germany  Coupled symbolic-numerical model reduction using the hierarchical structure of nonlinear electrical circuits (Abstract)
Schneider, André TU Chemnitz  Germany  Reduced Representation of Power Grid Models (Abstract)
Scholz, Lena TU Berlin  Germany 
Schröder, Christian TU Berlin  Germany 
Schumacher, Katrin Robert Bosch GmbH  Germany 
Schweitzer, Julia KIT Karlsruher Institut für Technologie  Germany  Dynamical Low-Rank Approximation to the Solution of Wave Equations (Abstract)
Seidel, Jens TU Bergakademie Freiberg  Germany 
Simoncini, Valeria Universita' di Bologna  Italy  Adaptive rational Krylov subspaces for large-scale dynamical systems (Abstract)
Sootla, Aivar Lund University  Sweden  Frequency Response Matching Model Reduction Using Semidefinite Programming (Abstract)
Steinbrecher, Andreas TU Berlin  Germany  PABTEC: A software package for model reduction of nonlinear circuit equations (Abstract)
Stykel, Tatjana TU Berlin  Germany 
ter Maten, E Jan W TU Eindhoven  The Netherlands 
Thanh Son, Nguyen Universität Bremen  Germany  Spline Interpolation Based Parametric Model Order Reduction (Abstract)
Voigt, Matthias Max Planck Institute for
Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems
Vuik, Kees TU Delft  Netherlands 
Wilczek, Diane Universität Bremen  Germany 
Will, Judith Max Planck Institute for
Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems
Wirtz, Daniel Universität Stuttgart  Germany  Efficient a-posteriori error estimation for nonlinear kernel-based reduced systems (Abstract)