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The DFG project Scalable Numerical Methods for Adiabatic Quantum Preparation is dedicated to develop intelligent numerical methods for the time-dependent tracking of eigenvalue problems and to study the performance of adiabatic algorithms in the case of open and closed quantum systems. It is a joint project of the Research Group Modelling, Numerics, Differential Equations and the Research Group Computational Material Science at the Technical University Berlin.


          January 2011 - Janurary 2014

Project Heads

          Prof. Dr. Tobias Brandes, Prof. Dr. Volker Mehrmann

Project Members

          Ute Kandler, Dr. Agnieszka Miedlar, Christian Nietner, Dr. Gernot Schaller,

          Prof. Dr. Christian Schröder

Main Research Goals

  • The study of time-dependent quantum phase transitions with dissipation, especially its relation to robust and scalable adiabatic quantum state preparation.
  • The development of robust numerical methods (including adaptive error management and perturbation analysis) for the time-dependent tracing of eigenvalues and eigenvectors, especially near degeneracies, avoided crossings and higher order quantum phase transitions.