Talks of the participants

Guy Vallet
On a nonlinear pseudoparabolic problem

Andrzej Warzynski
Fluid model of crystal plasticity - mathematical properties and computer simulations

Vladimir Zubkov
Solution of the drag-out problem in liquid film theory using numerical and asymptotical methods

Elena Sviridova
The asymptotic behavior at t→∞ of the components of solution of the Cauchy problem describing small fluctuations of stratified fluid rotation in the semi-space

Kody Law
Vortices in BEC: matrix-free and higher dimensional computations

Mauro Mariani
A variational approach to 2D Navier-Stokes via the stochastic vortexes model

Raphael Kruse
Two-sided error estimates for strong Ito approximations of SODEs

Ilja Kröker
Finite volume methods for conservatrion laws with noise

Paramjeet Singh
Numerical Approximations of Hyperbolic Partial Differential Difference Equation in Neuronal Variability

Jens Rottmann-Matthes
Stability of Traveling Waves in Hyperbolic PDEs

Samir Bhowmik
Numerical computations of a non-local double obstacle problem

Julien Jimenez
On some class of hyperbolic-parabolic coupled problems

Boris Andreianov
Weak versus entropy solutions to "fractional" conservation laws