4th Workshop Operator Theory

TU Berlin, December 17-19, 2004

List of abstracts


  1. Vadim M. Adamyan Entire Matrix Functions Orthogonal with Respect to some Non-positive Matrix Measures on the Real Axis
  2. Daniel A. Alpay Schur--Takagi Problem and Generalized Schur Functions: The Time--Varying Case
  3. Yury M. Arlinskii Passive Quasi-Selfadjoint Discrete-Time Systems
  4. Tomas Ya. Azizov On a Number of Fix Points of Holomorphisms
  5. Andras Batkai Differential Operators with Wentzell Boundary Conditions: An Operator Matrix Approach
  6. Jussi Behrndt Finite Rank Perturbations of Locally Definitizable Selfadjoint Operators
  7. Branko Curgus Riesz Basis of Root Vectors of Indefinite Sturm-Liouville Problems
  8. Vladimir Derkach Asymptotic Expansions of Generalized Nevanlinna Functions
  9. Aad Dijksma Rank One Perturbations at Infinite Coupling in Pontryagin Spaces
  10. Andreas Fleige The Green-Red Colouring of Curgus for Indefinite Sturm-Liouville Operators with Certain Interface Conditions
  11. Aurelian Gheondea Lifting of Operators to Hilbert spaces induced by Positive Selfadjoint Operators
  12. Seppo Hassi A Class of Nevanlinna Functions Related to Singular Sturm-Liouville Problems
  13. Rostyslav Hryniv Inverse Problems for Compound Oscillating Systems
  14. Birgit Jacob On Null-Controllability of Diagonal Systems
  15. Peter Jonas On Operator Representations of Locally Definitizable Operator Functions
  16. Michael Kaltenbäck Symmetric Relations of Finite Negativity
  17. Ilia Karabash Similarity of J-selfadjoint Differential Operators to Selfadjoint ones
  18. Victor Khatskevich Operator Pencils of the Second Order and Linear Fractional Relations
  19. Heinz Langer Self-adjoint Analytic Operator Functions
  20. Matthias Langer Resonances and Spectral Concentration of a Sturm--Liouville Problem Depending Rationally on the Eigenvalue Parameter
  21. Annemarie Luger On the Eigenvalues of an Abstract λ-Dependent Boundary Value Problem
  22. Mark Malamud Borg Type Results for Matrix Sturm-Liouville Operator
  23. Volker Mehrmann Quadratic Operator Eigenvalue Problems with Hamiltonian or Symplectic Eigensymmetry
  24. Hagen Neidhardt Zeno Product Formula
  25. Vyachslav Pivovarchik Spectral Properties of a Fourth Order Differential Equation
  26. André C.M. Ran Integral Operators with Semi-separable Kernels with Symmetries
  27. Leiba Rodman Extension of Jet Functions with Indefinite Carathéodory - Pick Matrices
  28. Adrian Sandovici Degenerated Inner Product Spaces
  29. Andrei Shkalikov Invariant Subspaces of Dissipative Operators in Krein Spaces
  30. Yuri Shondin Approximation of High Order Singular Perturbations
  31. Henk de Snoo A Canonical Decomposition for Linear Operators and Linear Relations
  32. Vladimir Strauss On the Uniquence of Spectral Functions for WJ*algebras of Dκ^+ -Class
  33. Lyudmila I. Sukhocheva On Selfadjoint Operators in Degenerate Krein Spaces
  34. Franciszek H. Szafraniec Favard's Theorem Modulo an Ideal
  35. Christiane Tretter A Krein Space Approach to the Klein-Gordon Equation
  36. Carsten Trunk Uniformly Dissipative Perturbations of Selfadjoint Operators in Krein Spaces
  37. Kresimir Veselic Some New Results on Damped Systems
  38. Gerald Wanjala Generalized Schur Functions and Augmented Schur Parameters
  39. Henrik Winkler Extremal Extensions of Nonnegative Operators
  40. Monika Winklmeier A Variational Principle for Unbounded Block Operator Matrices and Application
  41. Harald Woracek De Branges Spaces of Entire Functions Symmetric About the Origin