authors: Philipp Grohs, Thomas Wiatowski, Helmut Bölcskei
journal: Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT)
publication year: 2016
links: arxiv (preprint)

abstract: Wiatowski and Bölcskei, 2015, proved that deformation stability and vertical translation invariance of deep convolutional neural network-based feature extractors are guaranteed by the network structure per se rather than the specific convolution kernels and non-linearities. While the translation invariance result applies to square-integrable functions, the deformation stability bound holds for band-limited functions only. Many signals of practical relevance (such as natural images) exhibit, however, sharp and curved discontinuities and are hence not band-limited. The main contribution of this paper is a deformation stability result that takes these structural properties into account. Specifically, we establish deformation stability bounds for the class of cartoon functions introduced by Donoho, 2001.

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