Main Goals

The main goals of this webpage is to provide:

In the following we elaborate on each of those goals separately.

Constructions of Frames and Fusion Frames

Frame theory has developed a variety of constructions of frames and also fusion frames. Let us here just highlight some samples of this:

Analysis of Properties of Frames and Fusion Frames

Some of the analysis tools for frames can already be regarded as classical, the first item in the following list is certainly one of those. However, in particular, the analysis of the redundancy of a frame - the most essential property of a frame - is just at its beginning and we state the first analysis tools in this direction as item two and three in the following list.

Data Processing with Frames and Fusion Frames

Data processing methodologies using frames and also fusion frames exist in abundance, and the following list encompasses only a small portion of such. We however hope to illustrate with this list the richness of frame and fusion frame data processing, and the need for providing a software package with contains those in combined form.

We hope that this short introduction arouse your interest! For further aspects and further results we refer to our publications!