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The Institute of Mathematics of TU Berlin, Weierstrass Institute and the Einstein Foundation are organizing a workshop with title

Extrema of Branching Processes and Gaussian Free Fields
WIAS / TU Berlin, Germany, November 28 - 29, 2014

The workshop will focus on extrema of branching Brownian motion and Gaussian Free Fields in connection with Liouville quantum gravity.

This workshop intends to bring together distiguished researchers from different mathematical schools and to offer an environment to foster the exchange of ideas.

S. Andres (U Bonn), A. Cipriani (WIAS), J.-D. Deuschel (TU Berlin), M. Slowik (TU Berlin), W. Werner (ETH Zürich)

Invited Speakers:
Elie Aïdékon, Jian Ding, Lisa Hartung, Rajat Subhra Hazra, Nicola Kistler, Oren Louidor, Rémi Rhodes, Vincent Vargas, Ofer Zeitouni, Olivier Zindy