Massimiliano Gubinelli will speak at summer school

This year’s summer school, jointly held with Oxford University’s CDT “Mathematics of Random Systems” from 26 to 30 September in Oxford, will be the first opportunity for all the students and faculty members to meet in person.

We are pleased to inform that we have been able to get a high-class speaker for this event: Professor Massimiliano Gubinelli (U Bonn) will give a course on

Stochastic quantisation

Abstract: In this minicourse I will give an overview on recent results and techniques that allow to use stochastic analysis to study certain measures on the spaces of distributions over two and three dimensional Euclidean space which are usually known as Euclidean quantum fields. The analysis of such measures is plagued by both small scale and large scale singularities. By following basic ideas of stochastic analysis one can identify suitable building blocks and reasonably simple equations which allows the construction of such measures. This program goes under the generic name of “stochastic quantisation”. We will cover basic ideas of stochastic quantisation and the relation between the properties of the measures in relation to its stochastic quantisation, e.g.: existence, uniqueness, cluster properties, etc…