Summer semester 2020

  • Stochastic Processes in Evolution, Jochen Blath, TU Berlin
  • Stochastic Filter Theory, Wilhelm Stannat, TU Berlin
  • Probability III (Stochastic Analysis), Wilhelm Stannat, TU Berlin
  • Continuous-time Finance
    • Dirk Becherer, HU Berlin
    • Peter Bank and Christoph Belak, TU Berlin
  • Stochastic PDEs: Classical and New, Nicolas Perkowski, FU Berlin
  • Game Theory, Ulrich Horst, HU Berlin

In addition to the above courses offered by IRTG faculty, the following courses may also be of interest:

  • Spin Systems and Phase Transitions, Benedikt Jahnel und Lorenzo Taggi, TU Berlin
  • Branching Processes, Wen Sun, TU Berlin
  • Large Deviations, Michiel Renger, TU Berlin