This page lists the forthcoming and previous events (co-)hosted or (co-)sponsored by the IRTG 2544 “Stochastic Analysis in Interaction.”

For a detailed description, please klick on the respective link.

Forthcoming events

  • 16th Berlin-Oxford Meeting, 8 – 10 Dec 2022, Oxford.
  • IRTG-CDT Summer School 2023, 3 – 8 Sep 2023, Germany. More details TBD.
  • During term time, the Berlin Probability Colloquium (BPC) takes place biweekly. Please find the speakers listed on the right.

Previous events

For an overview of previous speakers in the BPC, the student seminar, as well as courses offered by the IRTG faculty, please check the tab “Qualification programme” on the left hand side. It also contains details about previous minicourses.