Study program

The IRTG awards several scholarships to PhD students and postdocs. The scholarships offer a unique chance to work in an inspiring research environment combining the strong research groups in stochastics in Berlin and Zurich.

Each PhD student of the IRTG will on the one hand work at cutting-edge research problems and on the other hand receive a broad education in modern probability.


Besides the close work with a permanent advisor the study program includes

During the semester the colloquium and the IRTG seminar take place in alternating weeks. The colloquium features talks by distinguished visitors from international centers in probability. In the IRTG seminar, PhD students present the latest development of their theses.

Every year a spring/summer school is organized, bringing together the scientists and graduate students from Berlin and Zurich involved in the program. In addition, a series of special lectures are delivered by distinguished lecturers from abroad. Visiting experts from application areas such as economics or climatology are invited to introduce the graduate students to basic concepts and ideas of their research field.

Visits to our partner institution play a crucial role in the study program. The students spend between 2 and 6 months primarily in Zurich, but also at other top scientific locations such as Oxford, Paris, Padova and others. At the partner institutions they attend courses and seminars, and have the opportunity to discuss problems related to their theses with senior scientific staff.