Spring meeting Beijing/Bielefeld - Berlin/Zurich 2011

This is the first joint meeting of the two international research training groups Beijing/Bielefeld and Berlin/Zurich. The goal is to provide a forum for an exchange between the PhD students and researchers from the two groups. A number of selected participants will be given the opportunity to present their work in a short talk.


Date: 30 March - 01 April 2011

Location: TU Berlin, MA041, mathematics building, Str. des 17. Juni 136, 10623 Berlin.


Information: last update 29 March


Contact: For more information, please contact Hanna Döring, Marcel Ortgiese (Berlin) and Sven Wiesinger (Bielefeld).



Accommodation: We would kindly ask you to book your own accommodation, here are some suggestions (sorted by increasing prices):