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Student seminar Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics (Winter 2018)

  • The available topics will be presented at the introductory meeting on Tuesday November 6 at 14:15 in MA 874/875.
  • The assignment of topics will be on Tuesday November 13 at 14:15 in MA 874/875.
  • Please send a mail with your name, student id and topic to knoeppel@math.tu-berlin.de

This is a block seminar. Each student has to give a 45 minute talk at the end of the semester.


Ulrich Pinkall

  • Physical simulation of environmentally induced thin shell deformation [project site] (B,M)
  • Fast winding numbers for soups and clouds [pdf] (B,M)
  • Canonical Möbius subdivision [pdf] (B,M)
  • Regular meshes from polygonal patterns [pdf] (B,M)
  • Variational surface cutting [pdf] (B,M) ← Julian Marx

John Sullivan

  • 12 spheres problem [arxiv] (M) ← Nilay Züleya
  • Heron's formula as scissors congruence in 4D [arxiv] (B) ← Julia Kozubek
  • Expected total curvature of random polygons (in R3) [arxiv] (B,M) ← Robin Martin
  • Tantrix of knots and bridge number [arxiv] (B,M) Nina Smeenk
  • Distance and intersection number in the curve graph of a surface [arxiv] (B,M) ← Julian Meyer

Yuri Suris

  • Time discretization of Lie-Poisson systems ← Arbi Moses Badlyan
  • Algebraic entropy of birational maps with invariant curves [arxiv] (B,M)
  • Algebraic entropy [arxiv] (B,M) ← Dario Cavallaro
  • Generalized Manin transformations [arxiv] (B,M)
  • Pentagrams, inscribed polygons, and Prym varieties [arxiv]

Boris Springborn

  • Configurations of skew lines [arxiv] (B,M) ← The Anh Le
  • Rigidity of the hexagonal Delaunay triangulated plane [arxiv] (B,M) ← Luise Benke
  • Spherical geometry and integrable systems [arxiv] (B,M)
  • Mahler measure and volume in hyperbolic space [arxiv]
  • Computing discrete harmonic maps (1-2 talks) [arxiv]
  • Embedding Sn into Rn+1 with given integral Gauss curvature and optimal mass transport on Sn [arxiv] ← Nick?

Alexander Bobenko

  • Quadrics and conics in the sphere and hyperbolic space (1-2 talks) [arxiv] (B) ← Yago Duppel
  • Deformable quadrileteral surfcaces [arxiv] (M)

Responsible professors

Assistant: Felix Knöppel (knoeppel@math.tu-berlin.de)

Previous semester: Summer 2018

Felix Knoeppel . 14.11.2018.